It’s winter baby! What comes with cold weather…….Dry Skin! My husband struggles with eczema in the winter. We have bought every lotion you can think of to give him relief from his eczema. After my massage therapist mentioned how awesome raw unrefined African Shea butter was for your skin I decided to make him an all-natural lotion for his skin. Below is the ingredients and easy instructions.

1 Cup-Unrefined Coconut Oil

1 Cup-100% Raw African Shea Butter (unrefined)

6-8 drops-Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Oil

6-8 drops-Lavender Therapeutic Grade Oil

1- Mason Jar

For a body butter consistency mix all the ingredients together and place in a mason jar. You may need to mix with a mixer. For a body cream consistency place the coconut oil and African Shea Butter in a mason jar. Place the mason jar in a pot of water at medium heat for about 10 minutes or until ingredients turns into a liquid. Add drops to the liquid and place in your refrigerator for about 4 hours.

After seeing how well if worked for my husband’s eczema I decided to experiment with it by placing it on my face at night. I have been struggling with acne for many years now. Tea Tree oil is known to help clear acne so I figured this cream would be good for my acne. I am excited to say that my acne is not totally gone but it is a lot more tolerable than it has been in years. I have been using it on my face for about a month. I will keep you updated on the progress of my acne.


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